Environmental Requirements

A Phase I is required if there is a NAICS code match (except for a unit in a multi-unit building) : NAICS Codes ESI 

​If the SBA loan amount is less than $150,000, a questionnaire found here is all that may be required: Partner EQ


If the SBA loan amount is over $150,000, begin with a Records Search with Risk Assessment (RSRA) AND an Environmental Questionnaire: Partner EQ


The environmental questionnaire is filled out by the current owner. 

Please contact us to determine the appropriate environment investigation. The steps of an environmental investigation can be found here: Chart of Environmental Investigation

Please address the report:

Capital Matrix, Inc. and U.S. Small Business Administration

1161 W. River Street, Suite 220

Boise, ID 83702

Click here for the: SBA Environmental Indemnification Agreement

Click here for a sample of the: SBA Reliance Letter